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I was meeting with my personal advisory board . It was that simple, and that hard.

I’ll figure out the restof my life later. As the old adage says, «Life is what happens when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life». Answering questions that seem to have no easy answer are why, if you’ll allow me, I want to be on your personal advisory board. This book has the assessment and strategies to help guide you to find the answers to your «what’s next?» questions.

Buckle up, we’ve got some hard but helpful self-care coming up. Most of all, as you consider hard-to-answer quest10ns like the ones I faced, you just need to know you’re not alone. During one month that summer, four million people quit their jobs in America. One month.

Four million. Either way you look at it, that’s four million people in one month walking toward what’s next. There are probably four million different reasons. What to do next is a hard thing to figure out.

Like when my personal advisory board challenged me.

When life knocks you down, there’s a secret to getting back up-you know what’s next. To help clearly define your reality, I created the Career Risk Assessment. The Career Risk Assessment is simply an assessment to help you see where you are so you can start where you are. The Career Risk Assessment will take you through a series of questions.

All of this will assess the amount of risk you’ll face if you were to make a career change. This simply means looking at the cold, hard facts of where you are financially, emotionally, and vocationally. The good news is that the facts aren’t always cold and hard. Once you have completed the Career Risk Assessment, you’ll receive a red light, yellow light, or green light.

The Career Risk Assessment won’t make the decision for you. It will give you insights to make the best decision possible. Com, click on Assessments, and then on Career Risk Assessment. The antidote is action.

Take action. Take the Career Risk Assessment. I was speaking at an event hosted by one of my mentors, Robert Shaw. Robert opened the conference by sharing something I will never forget.

«I never had a clear vision,» Robert said. Robert knew he had a calling to help leaders. He simply took massive action.

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