We are pleased to inform you of the creation of the National Federation of Universities and Professional Institutions in Haiti (FNUIPH).

The federation aims to offer assistance and services to all universities, higher education institutions and professional associations working in the higher education sector in Haiti, with the aim of promoting quality education.

We welcome the exchange of academic knowledge worldwide, including professors, pastors, researchers in Practical Theology, students, consultants, and everyday believers, all interested in contributing to Christian practices.

Everyone is welcome to become members of the federation. In doing so, the logos of these higher education organizations will be posted on the FNUIPH website in order to promote their offer and encourage candidates to register online via their website.

2001, rue L Nord-Ouest
Suite 500, PMB# 50078
Washington, DC 20036

Tél. : 877-872-9600

Our mission is to:

Provide answers to training questions so that each university, higher education institution, and professional association thrives.

Increase the number of initiatives in all academic fields, as well as interpersonal know-how and skills to foster free and responsible university citizens.

Equip all learning environments with scientific and multidisciplinary knowledge to give meaning to the evolution and reality of the human network

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I started my educational career in 1997 at Millville Middle School. As an educator, I learned that research is fundamental to understanding how to educate and prepare a generation for the daunting future they will inherit.

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