HAITI: The leaderships are the gangs …


By: John Francois

For over two centuries, Haiti’s political landscape has been marred by rampant corruption, perpetuating a system of exclusion that pushes the impoverished further into poverty. Recently, in a bid to maintain the status quo, the ruling elite has armed the marginalized, only to find them turning against their oppressors. Driven by desperation and hunger, these disenfranchised individuals have resorted to acts of kidnapping, murder, and theft to survive. Yet, in a twist of fate, the true culprits are not the so-called “bandits” but the leaders who have plundered the nation’s resources, leaving it in perpetual turmoil. Presidents, prime ministers, and their cohorts have repeatedly driven the country to bankruptcy, shifting blame onto external powers like the US, Canada, and France. The marginalized have rallied behind authentic leaders, rejecting foreign interference and vowing to fight for genuine change. Their demands are simple yet profound: inclusion for all, accountable leadership, and the fundamental right to a dignified existence and a promising future for their families.

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