Introduction to the book “The Architecture of Evolution”


An unlimited path

The course of architecture is far from being completed on the road to infinity where everything is gradually discovered with multicolored haloes, some more expressive than the others. Architecture has lived since the existence of time and space because everything is form. All that is form is architecture even if upon its discovery this attribution was not given to it. Today it is up to him to claim it because it is through forms of all kinds that science gives him its inspirations. Its physical presence is therefore a major asset to promote inspiration and challenge nature and space in order to conquer them harmoniously by those whose passion pushes to progress towards evolution to the conquest of new horizons of creativity.

The perception that awoke as the observations were made, naturally a “artistic” and “phenomenological” approach to the awakening of meaning. The two unknowingly contributed to framing and gathering the forms in order to express a particular objective. This objective was first found inside in caves and developments; and then outside defying spaces and sensitive nature. Any assistance towards a common goal, that of mechanizing volumes in search of shelter and comfort in particular.

However, art gradually unveiled its arcana. Like architecture, art was always present and it took time to discover it in the light of observers whose talents have changed their mind to make its many facets appear. It becomes like architecture, the testimony of its time with all the growth attributed to it. Today we must reconcile architecture with art because they have the same common denominator: form. It is through flat and volumetric geometric shapes in their multiple dimensions that architecture will know the path of evolution with time at the crossroads of difficult paths. A fascinating journey to discover cultures whose representations are figuratively expressive of a desire for transformation, religious and historical relics through the ages.

The forms are finally understood in the message of geometric figures who in turn laid the foundations for a so-called rational architecture based on the rigidity of the balance of the drawing in front of static and dynamic forms. They are always evoked and constitute the eternal presence of their attributions in all architectural works to combine the efforts of some and the trick of others towards endless reversals that reflect architectural beauty. A beauty or ugliness whose perplexed choice in the eyes of the layman will always remain the perception of the other.

The history of others

Architecture offers everyone the opportunity to reflect their life, their history, their time, their prowess, their eloquence, their strength or their pusillanimity in the land of the paths that requires to sit and play the effervescence of thought. It becomes all lit and all flambéed as if to make its presence haloed with all the multidimensional cohorts. If architecture is evolutionary, it becomes essential to express it through the glasses of those who continue to value its history until the twenty-first century. It will no longer be a question of exercising appreciation or criticism without moving and vitalizing the conquest in the eyes of an already present future that requires taking the step towards a globalized future in search of common well-being. The time of conflicts must end to give way to coherence, which alone can promote the dynamics of enlightened criticism capable of uniting creations and thoughts towards evolution. At this crossroads, the normal race of architecture will regain its balance, but this time towards an objective common to all, that of language that makes it possible to convey the construction of perceptual and constructive thought in order to embrace new horizons with acuity.

Several systematic approaches are made in each chapter in order to demonstrate the particularities and common objectives that are sought to enhance the architecture of evolution. The trends and reflections of architects and construction professionals are all values that show both complexity, ambiguity and also the links that weave architecture with the city, the environment, objects, spaces and the human being in particular. The different approaches pave the way for a broader understanding of the reflections that contribute to the search for formulas and solutions to enhance the architectural concept for what it represents today in the perspective of a promising future. The future can also be the present if it is understood in a dialectic and projecting that maintain balance and reassure the enhancement of its presence in globalized and combined efforts in order to be the expression of a virtuality responsive to the needs of humanity. Some experiences and approaches are all resources that characterize the strong presence of the positions of many that fall and go up offering better prospects that can meet at a very specific time to the specific needs of the time. Everything is to be discussed and everything is exposed in a context that is naturally limited but sufficiently elucidated to continue to energize the thinking and reaction of architects in order to value a combined plurality of sustained efforts for a constantly renewed architecture that continues to bring out its historical presence to the needs of society. Already, it is also becoming clear that critics will be well received as they continue to serve the cause of architectural evolution for a dynamic allowing it to grow and answer the questions of nature. They will also be welcomed by those who question architecture in its initial design and who promote a redesign allowing to take a new direction justifying its presence or not on the planetary scene because it cannot contribute to the “permanent” solutions of a virtual and globalized symbiosis against the sharpness of a masterful degeneration that the solutions do not seem to satisfy at the moment.

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